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Activity and playway based education

Learning centered education, not examination centered education.

Computer Lab:

Well equipped computer room for all the student right from third standard is available where student get the training from qualified teachers.

Medical care and environmental improvement:

There is provision of regular medical check up by a qualified school MO. The physical condition and environmental atmosphere is always being taken care as so to provide healthy natural surroundings.

Counselling and guidance:

Guidance and encouragement for competitive examination by experts is arranged from time to time.

Modern classrooms:

Well ventilated, well lighted, proper seating for all students, charts, pictures, display board, etc.

Drinking water:

Good arrangement of the sweet tasted water with the facility of underground Jet pump.

Security :

High security is provided to all. A round the clock vigil through a watchman on main gate is there. No student is allowed to leave the campus without permission. Parent are advised to ask for such permission in exceptional circumstances only.

Close circuit TV:

The school has the arrangement of close circuit T.V. through which the progress of the class may be monitored at the finger tip. This helps in making the class instructions better and maintaining the discipline in the school.

Physical facilities :

Apart from very spacious city airy class-rooms, the school provides following:

Well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths & Computers.

Water coolers for cold drinking water in summer.

A spacious play-ground.

Well equipped Library.


Above all an exclusive pollution free environment.