“For admission in Gyan Deep, one has to get registered on the prescribed form available in the school office on the dates and time notified on the school notice board. Please note that mere registration is not a guarantee for admission”.


L.Kg.: No admission test. The child must have attained the age of 3 years as on 1st april. U.Kg. to VIII : As per RTE Provisions IX: On the basis of test in English, Hindi, Maths & Science  XI: Since admission to class XI is designed to be selective in the Government’s Scheme of Education, students of class X must apply for admission to class XI when applications are called for. Hence, Secondary School Studies in this school will not be a guarantee for admission to Senior Secondary (plus two) course in this school. Apart from the minimum qualification prescribed by the Central Board, the school has its own norms of eligibility for admission. Eligibility will depend on the following: High academic performance in All India Secondary School Examination, the Entrance Test, Pre-Board Examination and his/her performance in class IX and X. Regularity in attendance and work during IX – X. Thus only those students can be accommodated who in addition to mental ability have also displayed serious application to studies. Character and conduct of the candidate should be such that during the course here at Gyan Deep Shiksha Bharati he/she has benefited from the character formation offered in the school. Mere academic performance WILL NOT MAKE THE STUDENT ELIGIBLE FOR ADMISSION TO CLASS XI. The Principal/Director in consultation with the governing body at the school is the final arbiter in this matter. For the various streams offered in the school, required grades in individual subjects and overall grade shall be specified each year. Information has to be collected from the school office.


On being qualified for admission, the parent is required to deposit the school fee to regularize the admission. No fee refund is permissible, hence fees should be deposited after careful thinking.


The promotion in all classes is granted on the basis of continuous assessment during the whole session. Grades are awarded as per the guidelines of CBSE. However, in L.Kg. the promotion to exceptionally brilliant children may be granted after the half-yearly examination on the basis of a performance test. In no other class the double promotion will be considered on any ground.


The school grants scholarships to the students whose performance is excellent in class X and XI.

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