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The school is affiliated upto 10+2 level by the CBSE, New Delhi. The school has the classes from L.Kg. to +2 stages. We have Commerce and Science streams.

Learning at Gyan Deep is so much fun when kids think they are playing. They are actually developing and learning skills. During this time the main objective of the curriculum is to develop a sense of openness towards the world and innate sense of discovery.

Children learn to interact with their peers. Follow and concentrate on one particular activity for a period of time, thus widening their span of attention.

In class 1st five years old students embark on an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. They are guided in this by their class teachers. All the concepts are introduced in the class by the playway method.

The school follows the CBSE paradigm of a board, relevant and well-balanced course material, which aims at the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development of the students. The students are exposed to a kaleidoscope of learning experience which broaden the learning horizons.

An equal stress is laid on preparing students to achieve desired success following the prescribed CBSE syllabus.

Result oriented training is imparted by experienced professionals who target for total development and desired success.

Class IX students take 6 subjects : English, second language Hindi, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Social Science (covering History, Civics, Geography and Economics) and IT. Co-curricular subjects include Physical and Health Education, Work Experience and Art Education emphasizing on development of life skills.

The Class X course culminates with All India Secondary School Examination, which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

At +2 Standard we at Gyan Deep offers two streams – Science and Commerce. Students can choose out of them as per their choice and ability.

Moral and cultural education : In order to develop moral sense among student, moral education is imparted to them by celebrating different functions and arranging spiritual occasions regularily. Singing hymns and prayer is a daily routine of the school. Student are trained to respect all the religions and the people of different communities.


Excursions and trips which put the school on wheels, broaden the understanding and enrich the experience of pupil through direct and purpose ful observation are arranged regularily


More attention is paid to the physical development of the students through PT games, and sport. The school having arrangement for sufficient play ground for out-door games in addition trying its best for the facilities for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom, badminton, etc.


To tackle this serious problem, the children are made aware from the very beginning about keeping our environment clean.


The school always remains in frontline to contribute to the social needs. Our children have generously contributed in case of natural calamities. Every year our children collect the old but serviceable clothes from door to door. These are distributed to those who are deprived of basic requirement of clothes.


Our school is known for its least holidays and more working days. It helps the children to learn more and that too thoroughly.


To develop this skill in children, we have the system of school parliament where the important decisions of school welfare are taken by them only.


From 1st April to 31st march


A well planned school calendar consist of list of holidays, exam, schedules, list of co-curricular activities, etc. is provided to each child so that parent are aware of them and may guide their wards to participate in them.


John Ruskin has once said “Give a little love to a child; you get a great deal back”. Keeping this in back drop, remedial classes are arranged before/after the school for those who need it. This is a special assistance to the slow learners.


Every month, the school organizes the Parent-Teacher Meeting in the school for which a prior notice is given. Parents can contact to know the child’s personal problems and to find its solution. Special meetings are organised in between for classes IX to XII with prior notice to the parents.

Last working day of the month will be OPEN DAY for parents to discuss their problems regarding their wards. Timing – 12.30 to 1.30 pm.

Parents can meet the principal on any working day during following hours:

IN SUMMER : 10 am to 11 am

IN WINTER : 11.30 am to 12.30 pm

Parents can also meet the Director in school hours with prior appointment.

Goverdhan Road, Mathura-281 004

Summer : Monday Saturday   8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Winter : Monday – Saturday   9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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