Gyan Deep Shiksha Bharati has a combined strength of 60 teachers at the senior and junior level. They have been very carefully selected out of the best available talents. These teachers are imbued with the spirit of dedication and devotion. They are not only qualified but also have excellent personality and teaching background. Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The man who can make things easy is the educator”. Thus, the teachers here are competent and capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and the wonderful which slips into the infantile comprehension. Teachers at the senior school evolve academic environment, where in they develop competency and update their knowledge in innovative teaching methodology for their respective subject.


An ideal and effective teacher student ratio is maintained in the classrooms allowing for personalized attention to each child. The small ratio enables effective teaching. Maximum participation in a wide range of activities is also possible for each child in this scheme of things.


At Gyan Deep, we provide education with an objective to empower students to make decision, to find creative solutions and plan effective action strategies.

We constantly revamp, reinvent and evaluate the classroom and teaching strategy to create the most appropriate education that the child deserves. The study programmes for all learning levels is unique because it is a cross-fertilization of the fine teaching methodology.

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