The fee is to be deposited through a fee book by 15th of specified month failing which the fee can be deposited upto 15th of next month with a fine of Rs. 50. If the fees is not deposited even by this date, then an additional fine of Rs. 25 per month, per slip will be realized with the fees. If the parents still fail to deposit the fees for continuously three months, the name of the students may be struck off the school rolls and all formalities of re-admission will be required which means an extra financial load on the parent. Hence please deposit the fees in time. The mode of fee payment and names of Banks is noted on the Fee Book.

Bank will accept the fees only in cash. Payment of fees through cheque may be made in school only by the 10th of the month. If on any count cheque is dishonoured by the bank, the fees in cash alongwith fine will be accepted in the school. The cheque must bear the name, class & section of the student on its back, otherwise the cost of the delay will lie with the parent.


Every child’s health record is maintained in the school. They are examined by qualified medical experts and deficiency, if found, is brought to the notice of the parent.


The child can go home only after school is over. If at all you need the child calling back during school hours, it is better not to send the child to the school. Under special circumstances the child can be allowed to leave the school with the father or the mother only and not with any other relative unless his identity is attested by the parent.

While coming to school or going back home, please do not ask the child to leave the vehicle enroute because this may cause trouble. Your valuable suggestions for the development of child and the school are always welcome.


Age proof : original date of birth certificate on prescribed format from Nagar Palika, Town Area or Gram Panchayat for L.Kg., U.Kg. & I.

For class II onwards countersigned TC from a recognized school.

For Army Personal: Abstract of DO part II from their service record.

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